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Life's A Garden, Dig It.

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Track Name: Wookie Goldberg
You're just a bitch too late, I can't thank you enough. I tried to hold on for

only so long. I've got a black heart and it's gilded in gold. I've been winged

and strung high for my silver tongue.

Give me the eyes to see my spirit transcend. Oh, what will death bring?

What if I stand before the rage of God? He'll know I'm spent and tired. Only to

say, I feared all that He gave. Shit, I'd rather be in Hell where all my morals

are neutral. 'Cause there ain't nothing like a sick fuck to preach false hope

and bring bad luck.

We're all good and evil, dear friend. Nothing like each other; the sea and the

land. Concealing our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither

illuminate. As a choir made up of many voices; yes, yours and I. And if one by

one we all go silent, carnal minds will breed vanity. Drowning in a crescendo of

skeletons. Machination of manic innuendos. And though our pockets get picked

and our legs get broken, we are all held to Earth by the same gravity. We don't

share blood, but the air that keeps us alive.

'Twas an art form, facetious confessions. To die and sleep, note our past with our

dreams. Altered site til death more or less oblique. And because of death, there

are sick people and they need a good curing.
Track Name: Kid Comeback
I saw your apparition in reflection; lacking courage, bold descriptions.
Heavy teeth may lay. Animals hungry, what a beautiful trait. I've noticed imperfections, I found hope in romantics. Goliath grip you must admit you can't keep the critics from their evil intuitions gathered solely for one purpose. To home wreck familiar thoughts. My composure's a tad frail. Held collective like a bow, and if that bow is pulled loose
I'll unravel all my blues like a needle to a vinyl. It's your love; my revival.

All the monsters that I've met, so urgent, relentless. Repute proceeds with precision

on a whim. Though my services as a hypocrite, float ghastly shades of horror. Throughout

the night we will be mourning.

Amazing Grace. Choose who I would, for it is easier to replace a dead man when the silence

cannot be undone.

There is evil in my elegance, I can sure decipher that. But we, the crowd, cannot be more

proud of the war-machines we mend. Cultivation catches wind to slow the temper we've let in.

The only nature I've ever known was trust my instincts and run. Run like Hell. For those

loving arms remain open. My, oh my, your teeth have sharpened. Run for hell, for the warmth

you seek will fade in space over again. They'll make you talk, that's how it's supposed

to be.

Catch me at anytime of day. Hanging by a thread at the worst time and place. It's a string

of my mistakes. And I know that it will bend but it will never break. And they're walking on stilts. And they are drenched in their guilt.

When your sadness takes a quit I hope you know I traded my soul for your happiness.

Repute proceeds with precision on a whim. Though my services as a hypocrite, float ghastly shades of horror. Throughout the night we will be mourning.
Track Name: Honey Badger
There lays a little Hell in all of us, where raising dead lets hounds descend, sniffing out that

holy touch. I reek of bad habits, a pariah they lust. We scape our goats and disregard hope just

to beat a dead horse. Save all of our throats. Addictions caught in the wilderness. A far original

state being with no awareness. Hush hush, there's a trick to a graceful exit. It starts with a

vision of letting it go. It means leaving what's over, trailblazing alone.

I don't know you anymore. Epiphany, my nextacy, epitome. I believe in every exit sign is an entry.

So we are moving up so high. Rather than running out, denied. Cause a dog is a dog is a dog.

And I'm just biting the dog that bit me first.

This dissolution has me moving, later we'll make amends. In a false sense of future, I hope that

you can forgive. Cause I'm just nipping at the bud to pump these thoughts out of my head.

I have blood in my brain, lead in my bones. I'm on that DMT, hopes of recovery. Keep it quiet,

keep them killings clean.
Track Name: Find Your Deathstar
I understand your enduring habits, lighter burdens. Your voice, it's lost. A silent-film era,

old habits die hard. Fair-weathered friends only come for the sunlight to shine on your dark nights.

Keep your sanity in, keep your distance thin.

The whole point in being alive: it's evolving ignorance, orchestrating with pride. The splendor

of beauty, the bliss of growth propelled by discomfort forced out of the rut. The truth is our

finest moments seem to occur when we're all broken. I'm guessing the reason you come back home:

Did your endeavors grow weary? Did you feel alone?

I guess by now I should have known enough is enough. So how do I cope? Oh, serenity sing a

song for me. Only your heart can understand why I had to put her down.

For us life always moves. With lilting measure we make our pleasure. The churches and the

dreams we seek can far more lucid than any living being. Harmonious reality. We crawl to the

notes in the spaces between. I found some refuge in this melody. Tame the un-tameable. It's

just the nature of the beast.

Continue. Continuity. From the tips of your roots. Bloom buds from branches, gather truth.

And when the leaves fall from that autumn tune, a poor harmony a stagnant blues. Frozen by

winter, life cycle reuse.

But someday there will be nothing left that's twisted our lives. A gaping absence gilded by

anguish. Just bare exhaustion, peace won't come. Dear Motherly Earth won't you guide me back home.

The goodnight moon lives in the lining of your skin. Architects of decay disguised as an


Out of the clutter find simplicity. Expect stillness, quite recurring memories. Volumes

peak for nature nor sound. Carve my words on hearts, legacies are for tombstones.
Track Name: Babe Ruthless
Where is your pleasure in your stimulants that we so madly indulge as we all join in

sin? To the bottle you will go, to heal your heart and drown your...

Whoa, yeah, there was something romantic about her destruction. A glistening view. She

had an ashtray filled with nothing but fare-wells to take any mans sense of dread and

loneliness. It's been a desperate attempt escaping a wench like you. But the only name I could

remember her by was the one she was given, rodeo my demons.

Babe Ruthless, you're so terribly ill. Yuck.

It's the atmosphere, you can blame it on the weather. I'd sell my soul to feel the

sunlight together. We made improvisation we were dueling in sin, so let's wait for the

night, you don't want to see this.

And it's only in death or when we fuck I see anything new. And I'm truly sorry Death,

but you're just a little too controlling.

It kills me that you're bittersweet; you're a tainted fruit. Miss Missionary, meet my

holy matrimony, well I'll be damned that I was due to go heels to Jesus anyways.

Water erodes, she's got a taste for double vision. Oh, that whiskey hits home. Wild beast

with two backs each, wont let me preside or recognize the presence of a worthy God or Goddess.

So there I laid with these thoughts. Oh, these thoughts I couldn't speak. For my

intentions of my inceptions were only wishful thinking. Deception was her weapon,

oh she had a plan. When the moonlight scrapes her heart we close our eyes for the God-damned.

We let em sink so they don't escape. Hands reach up, lost touch of faith. How do you do all

that voodoo that keeps us coming night and day?

Oh how we sink to the bottom like rocks, no gills for me. We're only human, the

unfortunate mockery.
Track Name: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
I wish you would have seen me before I was maimed. Before I turned hard and whispered nothing but

the good in us. When making a living off of living like a culprit I can only hope to swallow air,

enlightened minds require loose tongues. Snaking right between my lips slowly down below her hips.

She slings words like arrows but we're all archers in our chariots. My tongue it swells with evidence,

still haunted by your relevance.

My critical thinking has become a nightmare, and I can't stop wandering in and out of your life.

Gift-wrap this melody, salud apologies. Thanks for the toast, I hope this will suffice.

With doubts where did I go wrong? I killed us, we were family. C'est la vie my enemy. I bare this

infamy wrought in my garment; as i do, every savage can dance and to dance is love.

Now that I'm done here I'll go search on my own. Good intentions where I laid my soul.

We travel down these roads alone, ambitions weaken we both know that I can't do this without you.

We're family, we stick it through. Personify illiterate thought. We are now couplets in this plot.

To make up for the life I've fucked. Pulled from the dark; each others crutch. We are nothing

but a crutch.

I am haggard as hell, but I've made it through another day. Always breathing air so thick, the smell,

a vice where my lungs sit. Cigarette smoke, a familiar sort of taste. That's just karma creeping up on me

to fill in the blanks. Now I've always doubted staying clean, and calm was ever meant for me. That's because

darkness can seem so welcoming. If you'd like my advice from the shit I've lived with, keep your

dear friends real close, keep your frienemies distant. It makes so much sense to push that which

you admire the most furthest away. Living life so blissfully, retracing his mistakes. She says,

"Pardon his sarcasm disguised as defense." But you forgot I have a sense of heart built by

regret. I have muddied all waters, extolled all virtues cloaked with several dagger, the American

Dream is what drives us to our madness. There was no fraud, I am living thriving proof that

people feed on dignity with nothing left but wolves to feast.