Smoke Signals

by Lakota De Kai

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released May 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Lakota De Kai Kent, Ohio

Life's A Garden, Dig It.

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Track Name: Chet Steadmen's Perfect Game
Excuse me Where's my manners?
I was caught, fucked & framed.
I swear you have the wrong person,
Love is my disease.
She's evil, pure evil lips taste of smoke & shame
I was trudging in a bayou,
bound for glory
laid to waste.

Shapeshifter, claws or nails,
Why didn't I notice the signs that were showing.
So I lunged for the car &
BAM! What do you know...
She ripped out the spark
that should fill in my heart "Come on start!"
Run as fast as you can
a calamity ballroom, quick
now can we dash
from this dance.

"This is gonna be a long night"

Repent, Repent! I can't she's got my tail
between my leg's

I'm behind, hanging by a thread from the enemy line.
Yea you, so close I can still feel you breathing down my throat.

My instincts have devolved,
Little white lies.
Our superiors will murder us
"Devolve our faith"
No wings to fly

High water above, shots
brought by demons
down below.
You seem to shake pressure well
Screaming my name,
Yelling my pain.
It's unfortunate to see you go.
"Life's a garden dig it."
Track Name: Ray Brower, My Friend
Let It be,
to all ears free
that our swollen mouths
produce stale heat, and they're trying
to keep their hands warm but they can't because
they're laid down without matches a smoke to culture passion. Let this be my last chance to say to you, I want to thank all the friends that I still have left, because the only thing that's gotten me by were empty promises. All those years I lied, all those years I didn't realize. I was built for this, I was built to fall, I've dressed my name in ignorance I was lead to crawl on my belly like earthworms, oh were food for birds, I feel the worst has turned. Our stomachs churn, churn.

If I lost my mind would I still find you by my side; If anyone but you'd understand all those words I write, and if I withered like an old soul would you be there Hell or cold?

Because If I lost my wits I'd think I'd get a better sense to the fact that what we love is something that we shouldn't forget.

Long, let it sing.
ahh rot in your own
right through the band.

You'r my flint for the spark holding hands with you
"blind folded in the dark"
Would you trust me if I told you my name.
If your left for the dead, servants bite atcha leg's.
I'll be sure to drag you six feet underground.

Hubris for my company,
curious why they I keep.
"Alittle louder now."
Whenever we burn
our over minded loves to blame
the grace thats been stolen from the
secrets in our mattress to our terrible
beloved ones that keep from us.

We all hope you crash and burn.
Track Name: Denali
I gotta live for the rest of my life
'cuz heaven & hell aren't for me to dwell
but there's a bright-side to all this darkness when it comes to the end I must bury my friends.
Oh Ill fuck & Ill fight, I dont care if it's right malfeasance never worry moral gone in a hurry. If my evil eye lets me sacrifice may I rest where my soul belongs.
What anchor's the sound? Your baneful tongue tied to a halt.

"we cant"

Stray from the path feel the threat dont get caught my drunken words are my sober thoughts, What an illustrious idea extract unconscious chemicals that get us higher and higher.

My shadow's ripped from my skin, bare, black, I've sinned call me what you want from gentleman to pig.
Roller oh holy roller, let my horse ride in to save my kin. Myself, myself, I'm dead where I stand. Point me to the sea my list of shame how I loathe thee...

Revive my faith,
make no mistake,
Deplete my sins,
where the river bends
Isolate a crucial state
I'm sick obsessed
I'm dragged strung out,
hear my voice bite your tongue.

I'm back after so long for no good reason,
except the reason of living rock n' roll believing.
A burden with words. She makes haste to hurt.
I have long fear that my sins would come back to haunt me and the cost I can no longer bare.
Tho I knew, if eyes latch thee Im sure will all wait in suspense.
Track Name: Spanish Dagger
For your sake, I hope you see the light so I can say goodnight. While we share high spirits in dark years, your sagacious aligations take mistake weak proof.

Shes so quick on the trigger
words leak from her liver
Redundant deception, well
I've learned my lesson
I'll cash in my sorrows & drink in tomorrow
Tho I knew I'd wake up explosions

Illousinist wont to mask my thoughts
You know damn well that these snakes can't be trusted.

I took deadly, deadly advice, from a stranger.

We the human animal the beast that dies, but the fact that hes dying dispells hollow eyes. A candle be lit and hell sent for the sick. I could sure use your lovin' hold my stiff drink. When death finds me I'm sure Ill be dead cuz my love for a good time treads deep in cement. You cant shake hands with the glow of warm thoughts, legs spread wide from your daughter, shes all that I got.

Prey be killed,
See your maimed fortunes
lay deep in the deepest beds.
So shrewed with bad news
established by eternal doom.
To die would be an awefully big adventure.

Light the fire
Hang me higher
Let them see me,
Choke till I panic.

My alibi yields accusations
Voodoo hangs with aspriation
Send away my temptres
I bid you adieu.

Let me in the church
There are debts Im afraid
This booth is not big enough for these lies that I've made.
Agressor sight leads you frame by frame.
Right back twisted right around my brain.